Yoga Works As Well As PT For Low Back Pain

Therapists have known for a while that yoga can help relieve back pain, but how good a pain reliever is it? Now comes research Boston University that suggests that it’s  just as good as physical therapy. A BU news release reports that the researchers conducted a randomized trial of 320 […]

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Eating Fish Dims Joint Pain

OK, it’s an “observational study,” the kind that doesn’t establish a true cause and effect, but research conducted at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s hospital definitely suggests that eating fish reduces the joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis. The New York Times reports on the study, which tracked the fish […]


Chondroitin As Good As Celebrex For Knees

What to take for knee osteoarthritis; chondroitin, Celebrex, or both?  Now comes a study of patients in five European countries that suggests that chondroitin sulfate works just as well as Celebrex for the treatment of pain and joint function affected by osteoarthritis. Science Daily reports that 604 patients from five […]

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Steroids For Knee Pain? Not So Much

Thinking about getting a steroid shot to relieve the pain of knee arthritis? Think again. A new study by researchers at Tufts Medical Center suggests that you would do just as well if you injected a placebo. The New York Times reports on the research, which randomly assigned 140 men […]

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Frequent Steroid Use Can Weaken Muscles

Steroids, such as prednisone, can be a good thing, repairing and strengthening damaged muscles. But too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and researchers at Northwestern University are convinced that steroids taken too frequently for long periods of time can weaken muscles. A Northwestern news release […]


Knee Arthritis Can Chill Exercise

Knee arthritis might be good for eliciting sympathy (or not) but it’s bad for your health, and not just because it hurts. Duke University researcher Alexander Gunn reports that among people with knee arthritis, fear of movement oftens inhibit meaningful exercise. Gunn and his colleagues surveyed 350 people with knee […]

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Lack Of Sleep May Up Prostate Cancer Death Risk

Does less sleep equal greater risk of dying from prostate cancer? Let’s look at the numbers revealed in a recent study by epidemiologists at the American Cancer Society. A news release from the American Association for Cancer Research reports that epidemiologists analyzed data from two large, long-term cohort studies, one […]