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Your Brain On Dehydration

It doesn’t take long for dehydration to render us even less focused than we normally are. Two hours of yard work will do the trick. A Georgia Tech news release reports that researchers at the school came to that conclusion after reading many research papers on dehydration and cognitive ability. The […]


Study Finds Small Talk Is Harmless

It’s true, according to a new study, that people who engage in substantive conversations tend to be happier that those who don’t, but the same study found that small talk doesn’t make people any less happy. A University of Arizona news release reports that researchers at the school surveyed 486 […]


15 Minutes of Exercise Boosts Muscle Memory

Trying to master a new tennis serve? Try taking a short run right after working on the serve. Researchers at McGill University are convinced that exercise performed immediately after practicing a new skill improves its long term retention. A McGill news release reports that the researchers asked study subject to […]

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Exercise Makes Us Happy

Health experts have long known that exercise can help relieve depression, but what about people who aren’t depressed? Can exercise make them more happy or content? The short answer, from researchers at the University of Michigan, is yes. A U of Michigan news release reports that researchers at the school […]

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Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Clearing your mind can clear up your blood pressure problems. That’s the verdict of a recent study by researchers at Harvard University, who monitored the blood pressure of people who were asked to meditate for 20 minutes a day for eight weeks. WBUR reports that the study was small, involving […]


Holding Hands Eases Pain

Hold the Ibuprofen and start holding hands. That, according to research conducted at Colorado University and the University of Haifa, may be sufficient to ease some pain. A Colorado University news release reports that researchers in Haifa worked with 22 heterosexual couples, age 23 to 32, who had been together for […]