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For Strong Bones, Diet Tops Exercise

Yes, both diet and exercise help build stronger bones, but which has the greater influence? Researchers at the University of Michigan give the edge to diet. A U of Michigan news release reports that when researchers at the school looked at mineral supplementation and exercise in mice, they were surprised […]

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Does Stretching Improve Performance?

Does stretching improve our athletic performance? The short answer, from a new study recently published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, is no.  But it doesn’t hurt performance either. The New York Times reports that the study involved 20 young male athletes, soccer players and rugby players, who […]


Does Diet Soda Lower Colon Cancer Risk?

After years of concerns about the health risks of drinking diet soda, researchers may have found a health benefit. A Yale University news release reports that researchers at the school have found that drinking artificially sweetened beverages is associated with a significantly lower risk of colon cancer recurrence and cancer […]


For Men, Exercise May Mean Smarter Kids

Can a man’s exercise habits influence the brains of his children?  Researchers at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Göttingen, Germany, think that it can. The New York Times reports that scientists at the center divided a large group of genetically identical mice into two groups, and put one […]

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Daily Aspirin Doubles Melanoma Risk in Men

Remember when your doctor ran down the list of reasons you should take a daily aspirin? (It appears to reduce the risk of gastric, colon, prostate and breast cancer.)  Well, that was before researchers at Northwestern University concluded that men who take once-daily aspirin have nearly double the risk of […]

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Bananas Beat Sports Drinks

They are cheaper, better, and their packaging is completely organic. Bananas, it turns out, are better than sports drinks when it comes to providing anti-inflammatory agents during and after workouts. The New York Times reports that researchers (partially funded by Dole Foods) put 20 competitive cyclists through a 47-mile bike […]

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Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Clearing your mind can clear up your blood pressure problems. That’s the verdict of a recent study by researchers at Harvard University, who monitored the blood pressure of people who were asked to meditate for 20 minutes a day for eight weeks. WBUR reports that the study was small, involving […]