Knee Arthritis Can Chill Exercise

Knee arthritis might be good for eliciting sympathy (or not) but it’s bad for your health, and not just because it hurts. Duke University researcher Alexander Gunn reports that among people with knee arthritis, fear of movement oftens inhibit meaningful exercise. Gunn and his colleagues surveyed 350 people with knee […]

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Lack Of Sleep May Up Prostate Cancer Death Risk

Does less sleep equal greater risk of dying from prostate cancer? Let’s look at the numbers revealed in a recent study by epidemiologists at the American Cancer Society. A news release from the American Association for Cancer Research reports that epidemiologists analyzed data from two large, long-term cohort studies, one […]

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Knee Replacement Or Not?

How much does it hurt? That’s something to ask yourself before committing to a full knee replacement. Why? Because researchers at the Commonwealth University of Virginia are convinced that knee replacement provides “minimal effects on quality of life,” and that patients with less severe symptoms don’t gain enough to justify […]


Surgery For Carpal Tunnel? Think Again

Most people with carpal tunnel syndrome do what their doctors tell them to do, and most doctors tell them to have surgery. But now comes research from┬áKing Juan Carlos University in Alcorcon, Spain, suggesting that surgery may not be the best solution. HealthDay reports that the researchers followed 100 women […]


Lower Back Pain and Steroid Shots? Not For Long

For relief of lower back pain, steroid shots are great–for a while, but just for a while. A new study from researchers at┬áParis Descartes University has found that a single steroid injection eased pain for one month. Yes, just one month. As HealthDay reports, effectiveness waned after only a month, […]

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Boring Desk Job? Try A Tough Mudder

Ever wonder what drives people to pay good money to suffer through Tough Mudders and other grueling endurance events? Now we know. It’s their day jobs. Researchers at Cardiff University are convinced that pain and suffering, especially pain and suffering blended with team spirit, are the ideal antidote for the […]

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Hair Loss Drugs and Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers at Northwestern University have found that finasteride, which is marketed as Propecia (the hair-loss drug taken by Donald Trump), can cause persistent erectile dysfunction (PED) that persists for months or years after a man stops taking the drug. A Northwestern University news release reports that among the men studied, […]