Nearly 5 Percent of Boomers Still Dopers

A good number of those who were schooled in the sixties and seventies have been slow, to be polite, to jump on the Just Say No wagon, according federally funded research conducted by the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Treatment and Research at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which funded the study, reports that an
estimated 4.3 million adults aged 50 or older (4.7 percent) used an
illicit drug in the past year. In fact, 8.5 percent of men aged 50 to
54 had used marijuana in the past year (as opposed to only 3.9 percent
of women in this age group). The SAMHSA report also shows that
marijuana use was more common than nonmedical use of prescription drugs
among males 50 and older, (4.2 vs. 2.3 percent), but among females the
rates of marijuana use and nonmedical use of prescription drugs were
similar (1.7 and 1.9 percent). SAMSHA reports that although
marijuana use was more common than nonmedical use of prescription drugs
for adults age 50 to 59, among those aged 65 and older, nonmedical use
of prescription drugs was more common than marijuana.
Read the full report here.



    So? The use of marijuana does not easily fit into the government’s parameters for “abuse”. When the government said “Just say NO.”, the boomers said “Why?”. Since the government has never had a legitimate logical scientific reason, the boomers have ignored this mandate. In fact, they see through the government’s propaganda campaign and reject the lies therein. If marijuana is so bad that it is illegal, then why does the government have to keep inventing lies about it. Wouldn’t the truth be enough?

  2. This is not a big problem. The real concern is how many people 50 and over are using statins, insulin, vicodin, SSRI’s, excess alcohol and viagra on a regular basis instead of eating right and working out regularly. Taking care of those people is where a big chunk of our medical energy and money are going.

  3. Legalize it! Totally! Tax it, take the blood out of it, turn it into a legitimate business. The war on marijuana makes no sense. I don’t smoke at all, but I would really like to let those who want to just do it.

  4. Nobody said all the boomers were smart!

  5. Nobody said you were smart!But i bet you think so.

  6. I can’t get the meds I need for bi-polar depression and high blood pressure ( 180/115 ) so I’ll just croak off to make you feel not only better but also make you feel morally superior, I would if I could! Kiss my ass, Jack Lalane, i can barely leave the house, not because I don’t exersise, I fuckin’ can’t! One day I sincerely wish my ailments on you! But then you have a politicians health care plan, DIE you overfed bastard! I gotta live on less than $600. /month! I unfortunately, for you at least,am over 50 ( 58 ) and as such a drain on your perfect society, I will try to do myself in as legally as possible so as not to cost you greedy bastards too much! Remember, I could be one of your parents, or someone else that is too ashamed to recognize you as kin!

  7. still smokein…………

  8. hi stupid

  9. Tim, many of us geezers (50+ ) cannot afford proper health care the man at the liquor store takes deposit cans, the overfed and overeducated folks like you will not, and in case you forgot from the frat house days it is sometimes better to feel nothing at all than to feel at all! I still got enough sense to tell you to Fuck off! Hope you die B4 you get old, as you are a disgrace to the species! Darwin don’t even like your ass!

  10. Our government’s 50 year hypocrisy over weed is such a joke. Alcohol has killed millions in a variety of ways but is legal and it’s lobbyists pour plenty of money into keeping it available. Thousands of college students have an arrest record for life because the government tells them what they can do to their own body. The courts and drug inforcement people (narcs)put their kids thru college on the endless fines and fees collected from everyone caught with a joint on them. It’s the biggest cash crop in California and the government is too stupid to tax it like alcohol and the other killer drug tobacco. What a joke!

  11. Tim, maybe if you visited a doctor you might find that you need some of these medications. Of course denial is much easier.


    I am 56 years old and still smoking weed. I am in perfect health. Never miss a day from work from my 110k a year job.The Government is really stupid about this whole thing.

  13. good point my friend.I suspect that if our politicians would vote the peoples will then it would already be legal posses a small amount for personal use.


    I am 70 years old, so smoking weed was not really part of my culture growing up. Fortunately that is one problem that I didn’t have to deal with personally. Never mind my kids, who grew up in a different time. When I read the blogs above i can not help but notice the hostility coming from those who are supporting its use and the legalization of marijuana.

  15. Sachel, fair enough and point made.

  16. Yeah, it’s their weakness but they want us to embrace it like it’s a fondness for chocolate or something. Drug using losers. They’re all mentally ill.

  17. Legalize it and tax it like alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol causes more deaths and tobacco causes more illness than marijuana ever would. This is just another example of idiocy in the government. Throw them all out next election and atart over!

  18. I’m 63 and I think the percentage of boomers credited with smoking weed is way low. Easily, 40% of the people I know have smoked weed in the past year.Given that most politicians are now boomers or younger, I’m a bit confused by its continuing illegal status. But then I,m confused by most of the current state of politics.

  19. Join the movement:
    The entire system is corrupt, broken and failing.

  20. Weed is GREAT, embrace like a fondness for chocolate or something. 50 and still tokin, yee haa.

  21. Watersisland

    And I’m willing to bet that if it were alcohol that were illegal, those that did use it and were having to deal with the illegalities of its usage, would also be sounding quite peturbed.

  22. The world would be a better place devoid of boomers.

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