How To Keep The Ticks Off, And What To Do If You Don’t

Yes, it’s  bad year for ticks. Actually, it’s a good year for ticks and a bad year for humans who live near ticks. What to do? Tamar Barlam, interim chief of the Section of Infectious Disease at Boston Medical Center, has some advice. It’s all about the exposed areas, Barlam tells Boston University’s Research magazine. So people should wear clothing that covers ankles and your arms, and they should use repellent sprays and permethrin. And if you really fear ticks, you could stay away from places where ticks hang out, like wooded areas and grassy fields. Also, if you do find a tick on your body, relax. It takes a while, like 24 hours, for a tick to spread disease. If, however, you do find a tick that has been on your body for a while, and if you also experience nonspecific symptoms like fatigue, fever, muscle aches and pains, and headache, you should consult a medical expert.

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