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Side Effects Found For Common Prostate Drug

Avodart (Dutsteride), a commonly prescribed drug for treatment of an enlarged prostate, can have some disturbing side effects on metabolic and sexual function, according to researchers at the Boston University Medical Center. Science Daily reports that researchers at the medical center studied two groups of men with benign prostatic hyperplasia […]

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Yes, Caffeine Helps

Can caffeine really boost our athletic performance? What if we are already chronic coffee drinkers? The answers are Yes and Yes. New York Times health columnist Gretchen Reynolds reports on a new study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology that suggests that it really doesn’t matter how often you drink coffee, […]


Compression Tights Don’t Help You Run Faster

The theory looked good on paper: Compression tights would prevent muscles from vibrating; thus, they would conserve energy that could be used to run farther and faster. On the track, however, the theory remained theory. HealthDay reports on research conducted at Ohio State University that  monitored runners while they ran on […]

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Steroids For Knee Pain? Not So Much

Thinking about getting a steroid shot to relieve the pain of knee arthritis? Think again. A new study by researchers at Tufts Medical Center suggests that you would do just as well if you injected a placebo. The New York Times reports on the research, which randomly assigned 140 men […]

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Exercise Counters Obesity Gene

Yes, there are genes that make us fat, and the influence of one of them, known as FTO, can be lessened by exercise. In fact, researchers at the University of North Carolina have determined approximately how much exercise can weaken the gene’s effect : 30 percent. And now the bad […]

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Runners Live Three Years Longer

In the wake of the beautifully run Boston Marathon, let’s think about how many years the habit of running can add to our lives. Three. And chances are, they’ll be three good years, lived in at least relative health. Writing in the New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds suggests that “running […]


Exercise Improves Vision

Intrigued by research with mice showing that exercise excited parts of the brain associated with vision, researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara decided to find out if exercise could improve the vision of humans. A UC Santa Barbara news release reports that the researchers gave 18 volunteers […]