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Do Women Sweat More Than Men?

Who really sweats more, men or women? A new study by researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia suggests that the answer is “neither.” Gender doesn’t matter. Size does. Science Daily reports on the study, which looked at skin blood flow and sweating responses in 36 men and 24 […]

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Testosterone Builds Bone, May Up Heart Risk

Men got the good news about testosterone treatment last year, when researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School reported that testosterone treatment improved sexual function and mood. Now comes another report from the same study, suggesting that testosterone treatment improves bone density and strength, but warning that it seemed […]

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Sugar Mouth Rinse Boosts Performance

Five percent. That’s the improvement in time for athletes who swished their mouths with sucrose compared with those who swished with water, and ran 7.9 mile race. Yes it’s strange, but just swishing our mouths with a rinse that contains a little sugar appears to boost athletic performance. A University […]

Exercise Is Good for Arthritis
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Exercise Is Good for Arthritis

No, arthritis is not a reason to stop exercising. In fact, according to researchers at Northwestern University, it’s a reason to start exercising. HealthDay reports that when researchers at the school studied more than 1,600 adults 49 or older who had arthritic pain or stiffness in their hips, knees or feet, […]