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Exercise Counters Obesity Gene

Yes, there are genes that make us fat, and the influence of one of them, known as FTO, can be lessened by exercise. In fact, researchers at the University of North Carolina have determined approximately how much exercise can weaken the gene’s effect : 30 percent. And now the bad […]

Fitness Health

Runners Live Three Years Longer

In the wake of the beautifully run Boston Marathon, let’s think about how many years the habit of running can add to our lives. Three. And chances are, they’ll be three good years, lived in at least relative health. Writing in the New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds suggests that “running […]


Exercise Improves Vision

Intrigued by research with mice showing that exercise excited parts of the brain associated with vision, researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara decided to find out if exercise could improve the vision of humans. A UC Santa Barbara news release reports that the researchers gave 18 volunteers […]


Top Marathoners Start Slowing At Age 35

Eventually, we all slow down; then we stop. For the best marathoners, researchers at Georgia State University have determined, the big slow begins around age 35, and the rate of decline is different for men and women. A Georgia State news release reports that the researchers, who reviewed 2001-2016 data […]

Fitness Pain

Knee Replacement Or Not?

How much does it hurt? That’s something to ask yourself before committing to a full knee replacement. Why? Because researchers at the Commonwealth University of Virginia are convinced that knee replacement provides “minimal effects on quality of life,” and that patients with less severe symptoms don’t gain enough to justify […]

Fitness Health

Resistance Training Builds Strong Bones

Like just about everything else, our bones get weaker as we get older. What to do? Researchers at the University of Missouri suggest weight bearing exercises and jump training. Here’s why. As Science Daily reports, the researchers split a group of men 25- to 60-years-old who had low-bone mass into two […]

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Boring Desk Job? Try A Tough Mudder

Ever wonder what drives people to pay good money to suffer through Tough Mudders and other grueling endurance events? Now we know. It’s their day jobs. Researchers at Cardiff University are convinced that pain and suffering, especially pain and suffering blended with team spirit, are the ideal antidote for the […]