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Yes, You Can Eat Red Meat

Red meat may have been getting a bad rap. Now comes research from professors of nutrition science at Purdue University suggesting that red meat, if it is eaten along with a Mediterranean diet, isn’t all that bad.  A Purdue news release reports that the study compared Mediterranean-style eating patterns with red meat intake that is typical in the United States, about 3 ounces per day, versus a recommended intake amount that is 3 ounces twice per week. Overall, heart health indicators improved with both Mediterranean-style eating patterns. Curiously, those who ate the greater amounts of red meat (lean and unprocessed) showed the greatest improvement in LDL cholesterol, a predictor of heart disease. Go figure. Well, the study was funded by the Beef Checkoff and the Pork Checkoff, two industry groups.

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  1. Bill Finley

    Please note the recent posting of the research on eating red meat did not note that the research was supported in part by the beef and pork industry. That means a conflict of interest and the published results and conclusions may have been contaminated by bias.

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