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Sense of Purpose Is Good for Health

Perhaps the most impressive revelation of a new study by researchers at Washington University is the range of healthful activities that are associated with a sense of purpose. A Wash U news release reports that a strong sense of purpose was positively associated with vigorous and moderate activity, vegetable intake, sleep quality, and flossing. That’s right, flossing. The analysis,¬†based on data from the long-running Hawaii Longitudinal Study of Personality and Health and including new surveys of a diverse group of 749 people with an average age of 60, found that people with a higher sense of purpose reported a greater likelihood to enact all health behaviors of interest and higher self-rated health. Like what? High purpose people reported¬†greater strenuous and moderate activity, likelihood to eat vegetables and floss, and even better quality sleep. Suddenly feeling a little short on purpose? The Huffington Post has three pieces of advice.


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