Housework And Sex, Yes, There’s A Relationship

New research suggests that an equal distribution of housework pays off in more ways than one. Couples get a clean house, and a better sex life. HealthDay reports on research conducted at Florida State University’s Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, where social scientists looked at three scenarios to see how the division of household labor might affect sexual relationships. The first suggests that household chores and work compete for someone’s limited time, and time spent doing housework leaves less time for sex. The second suggests that couples look more at how housework is divided and judge whether someone is only doing “woman’s work” or “man’s work.” The third, described as “fairness,” looks at whether or not each partner feels the distribution of housework is fair. The researchers found that couples who looked at housework from the perspective of fairness, and who thought the distribution of housework was fair, had more satisfying sex lives. The researchers note that better sex didn’t necessarily mean more sex, just better sex.

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