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Resistance Training Builds Strong Bones

Like just about everything else, our bones get weaker as we get older. What to do? Researchers at the University of Missouri suggest weight bearing exercises and jump training. Here’s why. As Science Daily reports, the researchers split a group of men 25- to 60-years-old who had low-bone mass into two groups, one of which did resistance training exercises such as lunges and squats using free weights while the other did various types of jumps, such as single-leg and double-leg jumps. After 12 months, the researchers compared their levels of bone proteins and hormones, good indicators of bone growth and density. The researchers found a decreased level of sclerostin in both groups– a good thing, because low levels jump start bone formation. They also found an increase in the hormone IGF-1, which triggers bone growth. The decrease of harmful sclerostin levels and the increase in beneficial IGF-1 levels confirmed Hinton’s prior research that found both resistance training and jump training have beneficial effects on bone growth. The researchers are convinced that, while exercises swimming and cycling are great for overall health, they don’t do much to strengthen bones. For that, they say, we should turn to resistance training and jump training.

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