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Men: Extreme Exercise Is Bad For Your Sex Life

First, the good news: moderate exercise, the kind that most men do, is good for the male libido.  And now the bad: a new study from researchers at the University of North Carolina suggests that, for men at least, strenuous exercise is associated with lower libidos. The New York Times reports on the study, which questioned about 1,100 active men about their exercise habits and their sex lives. The Times reports that the researchers divided the men into groups whose weekly exercise was short, moderately lengthy or quite prolonged, and separately whose weekly exercise was light, moderate or extremely intense, and it categorized the men according to their answers about their sex lives, creating groups with relatively high, moderate or low libidos. And yes, they compared the men’s exercise habits to their reported interest and engagement in sex. Ready? Here’s what they found: men’s whose exercise was moderate or light in intensity or duration were far more likely to report moderate or high libidos than were the men whose workouts were especially prolonged or intense.

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