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Knee Replacement Or Not?

How much does it hurt? That’s something to ask yourself before committing to a full knee replacement. Why? Because researchers at the Commonwealth University of Virginia are convinced that knee replacement provides “minimal effects on quality of life,” and that patients with less severe symptoms don’t gain enough to justify the cost, let alone the pain. HealthDay reports on the research, which¬†analyzed data from nearly 4,500 patients aged 45 to 79 who had knee replacements because of arthritis — age-related degeneration — or a high risk of it. The patients’ average age was 61, and they had been tracked for nine years. The study did show¬†improvement in pain, stiffness and physical functioning during daily activities, but patients with less severe symptoms before surgery experienced considerably less improvement. And, the researchers warn, prior research has found that up to one-third of patients experience chronic pain after knee replacement. The bottom line: Anyone considering knee replacement should really think it through; they should ask a lot of questions.

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  1. This study has to ne flawed.i had total knee replacement at 69 years of age after suffering for years trying all the home remedies and medical approved meds and shots. the new knee opened a whole new world for me.Also i have only know of one person complain after surgery and they did not do the exercises and thearpy as they were advised. may i add,I had two total hip replacements enhanced my life also.Don’t put these off get them replaced and enjoy life again.

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