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Women And The Orgasm Mystery, Almost Solved

images-1Even men, OK some men, realize that most women don’t have an orgasm “with penetration alone” during sex. Now, Dr. Maureen Whelihan, an expert with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, offers this explanation: anatomy. HealthDay reports that Whelihan has determined that a woman’s ability to orgasm during sex depends on physical development that occurred while she was still in the womb, specifically, the location of her clitoris. If the clitoris developed too far up (away from the vaginal opening), then “traditional lovemaking doesn’t provide enough friction” to do the trick, she says. HealthDay quotes Elisabeth Lloyd, a faculty scholar with the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University-Bloomington, reporting that the “magic number” is 2.5 centimeters — slightly less than 1 inch, from the urinary opening. “It’s so strong a correlation that if you give us a woman who has a distance of 3 centimeters, we can very reliably predict she won’t have orgasm with intercourse,” Lloyd said. ” What to do? “There are many ways to have an orgasm where she’s having hers while he’s having his,” says Whelihan. “Couples should not focus on something that will never change anatomically, and instead find ways to allow for some type of clitoral stimulation during penetration.” She suggests using positions where the female is on top, which allows the woman to get more friction against her clitoris, or using a position that allows either the man or the woman to rub the clitoris during sex, either with fingers or a sex toy.

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