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Testosterone Shown To Boost Sexual Function

bc-a+case+for+romanceAfter years of debate about whether the benefits of testosterone supplements outweigh suspected risks (heart problems and prostate cancer), a large-scale study involving 790 men, all of whom were 65 or older, concludes that yes, testosterone does improve sexual function and mood in older men with low testosterone levels, but it doesn’t do much else. A Yale University news release reports that researchers found that men who received testosterone therapy for one year, versus those on placebo, saw significant improvements in sexual function, including sexual activity, sexual desire, and erectile function. The researchers did not see significant improvements in their walking ability — as measured by an increase of 50 meters or more in their distance walked in 6 minutes, but men enrolled in the vitality trial saw modest benefits in terms of improved mood and fewer depressive symptoms. The researchers also found no increases in adverse side effects a year after testosterone therapy was discontinued.


  1. Rodney Boyette

    How do I sign up for such a testosterone study? Where can I get this testosterone?

  2. Rodney Boyette

    Can you tell me exactly what these testosterone supplements are named and where can I get them ?

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