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More Evidence that Exercise Cuts Heart Disease

As if we needed more evidence that exercise is good for our hearts, Finnish researchers have concluded that exercise cuts the risk of heart disease. Even for older people. Yes, a lot. HealthDay reports L_ber_ved_s_erne_250that researchers at the University of Oulu tracked the health outcomes of almost 2,500 people 65 and older for almost 12 years. The researchers classified each participant as a low, moderate or high exerciser. Low exercisers spent their time mostly reading or watching TV; Moderate exercise included walking, cycling or gardening at least four hours per week. High exercisers participated in more intense activities, such as jogging, skiing, swimming, ball games at least three hours per week. The bottom line? Compared to people with low activity, people at the moderate level had 31 percent lower odds for a cardiovascular “event” (such as a heart attack), and 54 percent lower odds of dying during the study period. Wait, there’s more.Those in the high-activity category saw a 45 percent reduction in heart events, plus a 66 percent boost in survival over the next 12 years.

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