Science Says Yes, Size Does Matter

Yes, Virginia, size does matter. At leaste2d4222737a47c16b3680c41f69b20fe_n, it matters to most, women that is. That’s the final answer from researchers at Australia’s Monash University, who projected life-size, 3D computer-generated male bodies to 105 female participants with the images differing in height, body shape and penis size, and asked them to assess the figures’ sexual attractiveness. A Monash news release reports that “penis size influenced how the female participants perceived attractiveness – and the more ample, the more appealing.” The researchers also found, equally unsurprisingly, that height and shoulder width were also influential, with women preferring taller men and men with broad shoulders and narrow hips – V-shaped, rather than pear-shaped. Wait, there’s more, and yes, it’s predictable: The study also reported that taller men with larger genitalia were considered more attractive than shorter men with larger genitalia. Read an abstract of the study here. Read more from Monash U.

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