Research Reveals How To Pick Up Women

imagesGood news for men. Researchers at Stanford’s graduate school of education have identified the topic of conversation that women are most likely to respond to: them. A Stanford news release reports that the researchers analyzed the conversations of nearly 1,000 heterosexual couples during speed dating encounters to find out why some people felt a sense of connection after the meeting and others didn’t. Here’s what they found: Women reported a sense of connection to men who used appreciative language (“That’s awesome” or “Good for you”) and sympathy (“That must be tough on you”). Women also reported clicking with male partners who interrupted them – not as a way to redirect the conversation but to demonstrate understanding and engagement, for example, by finishing a sentence or adding to it. Both genders reported clicking, however, when their conversations were mainly about the women. End of story. Read more from Stanford.

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  1. Why would I want to pick up a woman who doesn’t understand that it’s all about ME?

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