How To Deal With Problems: Experts Say “Forget Them,” For A While

The nimages-1ew and surprising advice about how to deal with problems–forget about them for a while– comes from professors at the University of Toronto Scarborough’ s Department of Management. Researchers at the school, who studied students struggling with work, family and school responsibilities, focused on two distinct avoidance strategies – one including actively taking one’s mind off their problems; the other hoping those problems will simply disappear. A University of Toronto news release reports that the researchers found that those who actively took their mind off their problems were better able to manage those multiple responsibilities and experienced increased levels of satisfaction than those who simply hoped the problems would go away. Wait, there’s more: The researchers point out that exercise, biking or running, does nothing to relieve stress if during exercise you keep ruminating about your problems, as many people do. They also point out that there’s a difference between taking a break from thinking about problems (a good thing) and simply wishing your problems will go away (a not-so-good strategy). Read more from the University of Toronto.

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