Jane Fonda On Yoga For Boomers

Yes, readers, she is still hot, at 74, and yes, she’s still selling fitness routines to people who can only hope to be likewise. The Los Angeles Times reports that boomer role model Jane Fonda has turned, mercifully, to a gentler regimen this time. “Jane Fonda: Prime Time AM/PM Yoga for Beginners” has several short yoga workouts, some better for morning, some for evening. Read more about Fonda’s thoughts about yoga, which she’s been practicing for about 20 years, in this Q&A in the Times. Fonda’s final answer reveals, by the way, that yoga is just one of several things she does to keep fit. What else does she do? “About a half-hour of fitness and resistance training a day. Sometimes it’s with weights; sometimes it’s with a band. Then I do about 45 minutes of walking and cardiovascular exercise.”


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