Reebok Will Pay $25 Million For Toning Shoe Claims

Remember the great toning shoe debate: Do They or Don’t They make your butt more shapely? One answer came last year from the American Council on Exercise, whose researchers recorded muscle activity and monitored oxygen consumption, heart rate and calories burned by women wearing toning shoes and women wearing ordinary shoes. The results: no difference. Now comes Reebok with an agreement to┬ápay $25 million (and settle FTC charges that the company’s claims were not substantiated) to customers who bought the toning shoes. Hopeful people who bought Reebok toning shoes after December 5, 2008 can apply for a refund through the FTC. The size of the refunds will depend on how many people line up for their money back.



  1. 1 billion in revenue.
    presumably 200 – 300 million in profit.
    25 million in fines.

    Yep, the FTC sure showed them the cost of lying to consumers.

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