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Orgasm Lights Up 80 Parts Of Woman’s Brain

Researchers at Rutgers University have boldly gone where no person has gone before: into the brain of a woman during orgasm. The Wall Street Journal reports that when psychologist Barry Komisaruk monitored neural activity of a volunteer inside an fMRI scanner every two seconds, he and colleagues found heightened neural responses in 80 brain regions. During arousal, the paper reports, the stimulation activated neural circuits of pleasure, pain, reward, emotion and muscle control. Wait, there’s more: at orgasm, activity peaked in a reward area called the nucleus accumbens, an area that also responds to cocaine, nicotine, caffeine and yes, chocolate. The video below shows what happens inside a woman’s brain during orgasm. Seriously.


  1. FrankinFlorida

    What happens in a man’s brain, the two hemispheres do a belly bump?

  2. God Bless Women! Give them as many as you can!!!!!!!

  3. her whole brain would light up if she were shopping.

  4. Good question!… Hopefully they are starting the research soon!…

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