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Coffee May Cut Risk Of Deadly Prostate Cancer

Just a week after research suggested that coffee may lower the risk of at least one type of breast cancer, Harvard researchers have released a study that seems to show that coffee can cut the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. A Harvard School of Public Health news release reports that the study involved 47,911 U.S. men in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study who reported their coffee consumption every four years from 1986 to 2008. During the study period, 5,035 cases of prostate cancer were reported, including 642 fatal or metastatic cases.The researchers found that men who consumed the most coffee (six or more cups daily) had nearly a 20 percent lower risk of developing any form of prostate cancer. The study also revealed that the inverse association with coffee was even stronger for aggressive prostate cancer. Men who drank the most coffee had a 60 percent lower risk of developing lethal prostate cancer. The reduction in risk was seen whether the men drank decaffeinated or regular coffee, and does not appear to be due to caffeine; and even drinking one to three cups of coffee per day was associated with a 30 percent lower risk of lethal prostate cancer.

Read more from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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