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How To Walk Off a Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving, Geezer is giving thanks to Google, which makes it possible for him to remember (and copy) some of what he wrote last Thanksgiving, and the Thanksgiving before that, et cetera.

Geezer was surprised to learn that he had already done the math to calculate how many hours a 160- pound man would have to walk to burn the calories normally consumed at a Thanksgiving meal. According to this handy calories burned chart, walking burns about 250 calories an hour. And according to this discouraging Thanksgiving calorie counter, a typical Thanksgiving meal delivers 4,575 calories. Yes Virginia, the numbers are discouraging. If you start walking at 7p.m., you will burn the last of your Thanksgiving related calories 18 hours later, at 1 p.m. on Friday. Have fun.


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  1. Geezer, just think, if we ate less at the meal we wouldn’t have to walk as far, AND we get rid of the in-laws that much sooner…

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