The Prostate Cancer Food List: What Helps, What Hurts

While there is little agreement among medical experts about when and how to treat prostate cancer, more researchers are coming around to the notion that diet may keep the cancer at bay. The most recent evidence comes from a study conducted at the University of New South Wales, where scientists did a evidence-based review of journal-reported dietary recommendations for the prevention and
treatment of prostate cancer.
What helps? What hurts? The results, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics,suggest the following:
Tomato and lycopene      decreases risk
Selenium                       decreases risk
Cruciferous vegetables    decreases risk
Soy/soflavones               decreases risk
Meat                              increases risk
Calcium                         increases risk
Dairy                              increases risk
Fat                                 increases risk

Read more about the study in Science Daily.


  1. Andrew E Barberis


  2. Hmm, I found out today that my PSA was 3.5. Time to junk the charcoal grill, cut down on dairy prodcuts and increase consumption of tomatoes!

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