Music Improves Athletic Performance

Forget the drugs; turn up the volume.  According to this L.A. Times story written by Jeannine Stein, music can improve the performance, reduce the pain, and sharpen the focus of athetes. Stein tells us that the way music affects athletic performance begins with the eighth nerve from
the ear, which has two direct tracks: one that involves hearing, and
another that goes straight to the vestibular system, that part of the
cerebellum that manages balance and some motor functions. The same
kinds of messages from the cerebellum that enable us to concentrate
also encourage maximum performance.  And then there are the studies; Stein points to two. One, done two years ago at Acadia
University in Nova Scotia, found that women who listened to music ran a
minute or two longer than those who didn’t. They also adjusted their
strides to run more efficiently, and had lower perceived exertion. Another study, done at Southwestern University in Texas, found that men
cycling at a high intensity were able to exercise longer while
listening to fast-paced music, and even longer while listening to music
they liked. Rock on. Read more.


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