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Have Triathlons Become Races To Death?

The deaths by cardiac arrest of two competitors in this year's New York City Triathlon has officials at USA Triathlon, the sport’s governing body in the United States, in serious discussion about additional safety measures, particularly for the swimming leg of the popular and stressful races. The New York Times […]


Swimmer Dies In NYC Triathlon

The death by heart attack of a 64-year-old man during the swimming leg of the New York City Triathlon has renewed debate about the safety of such crowded swimming competitions. In 2008, eight people died during the swimming leg of triathlons. The New York Times reports that yesterday's death is […]

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New Magazine for Triathletes

Yo, triathletes. Want to join a “journey into the fiery center of triathlon”?  A new magazine called Lava, –yes, it is “named after the chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean where the first Ironman race took place”- is ready to take you there, at your own pace, thankfully. […]

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Three Triathlons for Women And Women Only

FitSugar.com, which describes itself as “a leading international diversified women’s media company” recommends three triathlons for women only. Danskin Triathlon: The “largest and longest running women’s-only triathlon series” in the US. The sprint tris are held all over the country from Texas to Washington, from Wisconsin to Massachusetts. All races […]


Carbing Up Without the Carbs

New York Times health and fitness expert Gina Kolata reports on a remarkable revelation: athletes can get the energy of a carbohydrate boost simply by rinsing out their mouths with a carbohydrate mix. No swallowing necessary. Researchers, Kolata reports, believe the brain is tricked into thinking the body is going […]


Altitude Training May Backfiire

Training at high altitude, long a staple of many teams and individual athletes, may do more harm than good, according to research conducted at Oxford University. Researchers base that assumption of their discovery that people with a rare condition that mimics being at high altitude for long periods show metabolic […]