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Attitude Fitness

Hydration During Exercise Boosts Brain Speed

Staying hydrated during exercise isn’t just good for your body; it’s good for your brain. That’s the word from the American Physiological Society, whose recent press release cites research that studied recreational cyclists (average age 55) who competed in a large cycling event on a warm day (78–86 degrees F), and […]

Eating Well Health

A Little Alcohol Is Good For Your Brain

Sure, serious drinking is a seriously bad idea. But while excessive alcohol consumption is a well-documented health hazard, a little bit of alcohol could be a good thing. Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center report that low levels of alcohol consumption, generously defined as less than two and […]


Different Exercise For Different Brain Skills

Want to improve your memory? Try resistance training. Want better overall brain function? Go aerobic. Different exercises appear to improve different brain skills, and yes, all exercise is good for our brains. That’s the conclusion of a meta study at the University of Canberra that combined data from 39 studies […]