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Lyme Disease, The Sequel

Lyme Disease, The Sequel

It looks like Lyme disease, and we get it from deer ticks, like Lyme disease, but it’s not Lyme disease, at least not exactly. Researchers at Yale University discovered the disease, which so far has infected 18 people in Connecticut and New York and is so new that it has […]


Technology For The Wilds

Two reasons technology belongs in the wilds: you can talk on your iPhone all day without annoying a soul; and it can save your life. Roy Wallack, the Los Angeles Times sports gadget guy, (and co-author of Barefoot Running Step by Step) kindly presents four new works of technology that […]

Gear Pain

How to Protect Your Eyes from Sun Damage

Here on the planet earth, largely hairless creatures like humans are menaced by rays from the sun, particularly rays of ultraviolet light. While ultraviolet sounds cool, it’s actually hot, and exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase the likelihood of skin cancer and macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness for […]