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Need To Get Creative? Take A Hike

Need To Get Creative? Take A Hike

Creativity can flow from many things and places, but a new study suggests that one reliable source is a place that’s far away from everything, especially iPhones. The Salt Lake Tribune reports on research conducted at the University of Utah that found that backpackers scored 50 percent better on a […]


Technology For The Wilds

Two reasons technology belongs in the wilds: you can talk on your iPhone all day without annoying a soul; and it can save your life. Roy Wallack, the Los Angeles Times sports gadget guy, (and co-author of Barefoot Running Step by Step) kindly presents four new works of technology that […]


The Bad and Good News About Orthotics

Do orthotics work? That's the question explored in this less than definitive piece by Gina Kolata of the New York Times. The first answer, from professors of biomechanics at two different universities, is "If they do work, we don't don't know how they work." The second, and perhaps more meaningful […]