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Computer Brain Games Are For Losers
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Computer Brain Games Are For Losers

Brain games, the computer based mental challenges that promise to boost the brain power of older adults, are an excellent way to waste time, but they do almost nothing to make us smarter. That’s the opinion of 69 scholars, including many cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists from around the world. A Stanford […]


Pickleball and Boomers: A Match Made In Washington

Pickleball, the Washington Post reports, was invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard, a future Republican congressman from Washington state, who wanted a game that everyone, even aging congressmen, could enjoy. In 1976, Tennis magazine called pickleball “America’s newest racket sport.” Today, the Post alleges, the tennis-badminton-table tennis hybrid, which is […]

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Energy Drinks Improve Endurance

Energy drinks, much derided by Geezer as little more than water, sodium, potassium and sugar, have been shown to increase the endurance of young (12 to 14-year-old) and very amateur athletes. The University of Edinburgh reports that researchers at the school measured the performance of 15 adolescents during exercise designed […]

Coke’s Idea of a Calorie Killer
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Coke’s Idea of a Calorie Killer

The Wall Street Journal had some interesting questions about the usefulness of Coca-Cola’s latest beverage, Enviga, a green-tea based concoction that promises to help consumers burn calories. The company told Journal reporters that three 12-ounce cans of Enviga over a 24-hour period would help a healthy person of normal weight […]