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How Healthy Is Your City?

In one of the more credible ratings of the health of pimageseople in American cities, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), with support from the WellPoint Foundation, presents its 2014 AFI data report, “Health and Community Fitness Status of the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas.” How do they do it? The college says the ratings reflect a composite of preventive health behaviors, levels of chronic disease conditions, and community resources and policies that support physical activity in each of the cities. The envelope please….

Rank Metropolitan Area 2014 Score
 1. Washington, D.C. 77.3
2. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. 73.5
3. Portland, Ore. 72.1
4. Denver, Colo. 71.7
5. San Francisco, Calif. 71.0
6. San Jose, Calif. 69.4
7. Seattle, Wash. 69.3
8. San Diego, Calif. 69.2
9. Boston, Mass. 69.1
10. Sacramento, Calif. 66.9
11. Salt Lake City, Utah 65.7
12. Hartford, Conn. 63.8
13. Raleigh, N.C. 61.5
14. Austin, Texas 60.6
15. Chicago, Ill. 56.6
16. Atlanta, Ga. 56.0
17. Pittsburgh, Pa. 54.8
18. Cincinnati, Ohio 54.5
19. Los Angeles, Calif. 53.4
20. Philadelphia, Pa. 52.9
21. Richmond, Va. 52.3
22. Virginia Beach, Va. 52.0
23. Providence, R.I. 51.6
24. New York, N.Y. 51.5
25. Baltimore, Md. 50.8
26. Miami, Fla. 49.0
27. Charlotte, N.C. 48.1
28. Riverside, Calif. 47.5
29. Buffalo, N.Y. 47.2
30. Jacksonville, Fla. 46.6
31. Tampa, Fla. 46.0
32. Milwaukee, Wis. 45.7
33. Cleveland, Ohio 45.4
34. Kansas City, Mo. 45.1
 35. Houston, Texas 44.0*
36. Phoenix, Ariz. 44.0*
37. Las Vegas, Nev. 43.7
38. Dallas, Texas 42.6
39. New Orleans, La. 42.4
40. Columbus, Ohio 41.3*
41. St. Louis, Mo. 41.3*
42. Orlando, Fla. 40.8
43. Detroit, Mich. 37.3
44. Birmingham, Ala. 35.9
45. San Antonio, Texas 35.6
46. Nashville, Tenn. 32.5
47. Indianapolis, Ind. 32.3
48. Oklahoma City, Okla. 31.6
49. Louisville, Ky. 25.7
50. Memphis, Tenn. 24.8

Gallup Finds The Fittest Cities

And thimagese winner is…Boulder, Colorado. Gallup isn’t selling this survey as “fittest cities,” but it is saying that the winning cities are the least obese. Boulder, incidentally, comes in with an obesity rate of 12.4 percent, a few pounds below Naples, Florida, whose obesity rate, based on telephone interviews conducted as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey Jan. 2-Dec. 29, 2012, and Jan. 2-Dec. 30, 2013, is 16.5. Find out how your city stacks up in other health related categories. 

America’s Fittest Cities; The A List

What are America’s fittest cities? It depends on whom you ask, and how they do the math. One recent effort by experts chosen by the American College of Sports Medicine looked at two types of personal health indicators of a city’s population — including conditions like hypertension, obesity and diabetes, as well as behaviors like smoking and exercise. They also reviewed qualities of the built environment of each city: how many public parks were there? How many recreational centers and farmer’s markets? See their complete list here. And the top ten winners are…Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Hartford, Sacramento, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Denver, and Austin.

The How And Why Of Self Magazine’s 10 Healthiest Cities For Women

What makes a city healthy for women? Pretty much the same things that make a city healthy for men, and then some. When Self magazine took it upon themselves to rate the 100 healthiest cities for women, the editors looked at 7,000 pieces of data, most from government sources, in 50 categories including disease rates, obesity, environmental factors, crime levels, and women’s lifestyle habits like sleep, smoking, and diet. Sara Austin, features director at Self told Daily Dose blogger Deborah Kotz that the number one city, Cambridge, Mass., took the honor because it had low rates of crime and depression, and high rates of cancer screening and, yes, servings of produce. Here are Self magazine’s ten healthiest cities for women:

1. Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, MA

2. Bethesda-Gaithersburg-Frederick, MD

3. San Francisco–Oakland, CA

4. Minneapolis–St. Paul–Bloomington, MN

5. Boston-Quincy, MA

6. Portland–South Portland–Biddeford, ME

7. Honolulu, HI

8. Fargo, ND

9. Burlington–South Burlington, VT

10 . San Jose–Sunnyvale–Santa Clara, CA

Read the complete list here.