Different Exercise For Different Brain Skills

Want to improve your memory? Try resistance training. Want better overall brain function? Go aerobic. Different exercises appear to improve different brain skills, and yes, all exercise is good for our brains. That’s the conclusion of a meta study at the University of Canberra that combined data from 39 studies […]

Eating Well Health

Aged Cheese May Extend Our Lives

It’s not a joke. Spermidine—a compound found in foods like aged cheese, mushrooms, soy products, legumes, corn and whole grains appears to prolong lifespan, at least the animals used by researchers at Texas A&M. It also seems to prevent liver cancer. A Texas A&M news release reports that when researchers at […]

Fitness Health

Runners Live Three Years Longer

In the wake of the beautifully run Boston Marathon, let’s think about how many years the habit of running can add to our lives. Three. And chances are, they’ll be three good years, lived in at least relative health. Writing in the New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds suggests that “running […]


Dancing Is Good For Your Brain

Dancing, it turns out, is good for more than your social life; it’s good for your brain. New York Times health columnist Gretchen Reynolds reports on a new study suggesting that social dancing, the kind that -like country dancing- requires many dancers to coordinate their steps and movement around a […]

Health Pain

Lack Of Sleep May Up Prostate Cancer Death Risk

Does less sleep equal greater risk of dying from prostate cancer? Let’s look at the numbers revealed in a recent study by epidemiologists at the American Cancer Society. A news release from the American Association for Cancer Research reports that epidemiologists analyzed data from two large, long-term cohort studies, one […]