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Better Food Means Longer Life

No, it’s not surprising, but it’s important: people who eat better food– more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish and less red and processed meats and sugary beverages–live longer than people who don’t. We know that because, well it makes sense, but also because researchers at Harvard’s T. H. […]

Attitude Health

Better Sleep With A Life Purpose

Want to stop tossing and turning? Get yourself a purpose in life. Researchers at Northwestern University and Rush University Medical Center have found that people with a purpose in life were 63 percent less likely to have sleep apnea and 52 percent less likely to have restless leg syndrome. They also had […]


No, The Pool’s Chlorine Won’t Hurt You

Writing in the New York Times, Karen Weintraub tells a concerned reader not to worry about the chlorine in swimming pools. Weintraub quotes Lindsay Blackstock, a doctoral student in analytical and environmental toxicology at the University of Alberta in Canada who recently authored an article about chemicals in swimming pools and […]

Attitude Health

Smarter People Live Longer

Do higher IQ’s mean higher number of years alive? Researchers at the University of Edinburgh think so. HealthDay reports that when researchers studied data on nearly 66,000 people who were born in 1936, took an IQ test at age 11, and were followed up to age 79 or death, they […]

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Side Effects Found For Common Prostate Drug

Avodart (Dutsteride), a commonly prescribed drug for treatment of an enlarged prostate, can have some disturbing side effects on metabolic and sexual function, according to researchers at the Boston University Medical Center. Science Daily reports that researchers at the medical center studied two groups of men with benign prostatic hyperplasia […]


Hand Washing: Hot Doesn’t Matter

Your mother was wrong. So, apparently, are U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines recommending that plumbing systems at food establishments and restaurants deliver water at 100 degrees Fahrenheit for handwashing. Rutgers University reports that researchers at the school put large amounts of harmless bacteria on the hands of 21 people […]


Exercise Can Slow Aging By Nine Years

Exercise, actually lots of exercise, can slow your body’s biological aging by as much as nine years. That’s the verdict of researchers at Brigham Young University, who looked at the length of telomeres (nucleotide endcaps of our chromosomes that correlate with age) in 5,823 adults who participated in the CDC’s […]


Mindful Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for lots of muscles all over our bodies. It can also be great for our minds. Writing in the New York Times, David Gelles suggests eight things swimmers can do to practice mindful swimming: Begin each swim with an intention to be fully present in […]