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Boring Desk Job? Try A Tough Mudder

Ever wonder what drives people to pay good money to suffer through Tough Mudders and other grueling endurance events? Now we know. It’s their day jobs. Researchers at Cardiff University are convinced that pain and suffering, especially pain and suffering blended with team spirit, are the ideal antidote for the […]

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Hair Loss Drugs and Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers at Northwestern University have found that finasteride, which is marketed as Propecia (the hair-loss drug taken by Donald Trump), can cause persistent erectile dysfunction (PED) that persists for months or years after a man stops taking the drug. A Northwestern University news release reports that among the men studied, […]

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Better Sex Life = Better Work Life

Note to employers: your best workers have the best sex lives. That’s the suggestion of research conducted at the University of Washington and the University of Oregon, where business school professors followed 159 married employees over the course of two weeks, asking them to complete two brief surveys each day. A […]

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Is Your Health App Too Friendly?

Sure, interactive health apps are good for your health, and back and forth communication between wearer and device has been shown to increase likelihood that the wearer will actually follow through with a recommended exercise. That’s the good news. The bad news, from researchers at Penn State and the University […]

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Sugar Mouth Rinse Boosts Performance

Five percent. That’s the improvement in time for athletes who swished their mouths with sucrose compared with those who swished with water, and ran 7.9 mile race. Yes it’s strange, but just swishing our mouths with a rinse that contains a little sugar appears to boost athletic performance. A University […]

Marriage Relieves Stress
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Marriage Relieves Stress

Think marriage is stressful? Try being unmarried. That’s the implicit message from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, who are convinced that married people have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than unmarried. A Carnegie Mellon news release reports that when researchers studied saliva samples (taken over three consecutive days) from 572 […]

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Mindful People Make Better Health Choices

When people offer health advice, are you appreciative or resentful? It matters, because your emotional response to advice influence the likelihood that you will follow it. Now, a study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that people who are more mindful are more receptive to health messaging and […]