Chasing Happiness Can Make Us Sad

Yes, it’s great to be happy. What’s not great is trying to be happy and not succeeding. In fact, researchers at the University of Melbourne are convinced that pressure to feel happy is contributing to depression. A U of Melbourne news release reports that social psychologist Brock Bastian has found […]

Attitude Fitness

Yes, Caffeine Helps

Can caffeine really boost our athletic performance? What if we are already chronic coffee drinkers? The answers are Yes and Yes. New York Times health columnist Gretchen Reynolds reports on a new study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology that suggests that it really doesn’t matter how often you drink coffee, […]


Latest Therapy For Depression: Bouldering

Forget about drugs, yoga, meditation–the latest recommended therapy for depression involves climbing large rocks, yes, without ropes. Bouldering, it turns out, is used in many hospitals, OK, German hospitals, to treat the symptoms of depression. Now two German researchers, Eva-Maria Stelzer, a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, and Katharina […]

Attitude Sex

Heavy Stubble Attracts Women

“Beard or no beard?” that is the question. The answer, from researchers at the University of Queensland, is beard, but light beard, at least if the goal is to make yourself attractive to women. The New York Times reports on the research, which divided a group of more than 8,500 women […]


Testosterone Can Lead To Bad Choices

Testosterone, a popular supplement for men worried about maintaining their vigor, should actually make men worried about maintaining something else: good judgement. Researchers at Caltech are convinced that higher levels of testosterone increase the tendency in men to rely on their intuitive judgments and reduce cognitive reflection. The researchers found […]