Author: Art Jahnke


The Best Exercise? All Of Them

What’s the best exercise you can do? Researchers at Skidmore College believe the answer is “all of them, all the time.” HealthDay reports that when Skidmoore researchers compared the effects of different exercise regimens, they found the greatest benefits from a program that included resistance exercise, cardio workouts, interval training and […]


Wealthy Seniors Get Healthier

By the time people reach the age of 65, most know that life is not fair. And so the latest news about the health of people over 65 should surprise few seniors.  Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that older Americans report feeling dramatically healthier than they did […]


Flu Shot Effectiveness Is In Your Genes

The annual question: “Does this flu shot really work?” has a brand new answer this year: “It depends on your genes.” Researchers at Yale have identified several genes and gene clusters associated with the immune response to influenza (“flu”) vaccination, a finding that suggests that doctors may someday use genetic profiles […]

Attitude Women's Health

Life Gets Better Post Menopause

For women of a certain age–the age that follows menopause–life gets better. That’s the verdict of researchers at the University of Melbourne, who tracked the happiness of 252 women over a 20 year period. A University of Melbourne news release reports that researchers found that rather than becoming moodier as […]

Eating Well

The Best Time To Eat Big

Basically, we all do it backwards, starting our day with a small breakfast, then having a slightly larger lunch and an even larger dinner. Wrong, wrong, wrong. A new study from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons suggests that, for those who want to keep the pounds off, the best […]


The Good Part Of Feeling Bad

Yes, it’s better to feel good than it is to feel bad, but if you do feel bad, say researchers at UC Berkeley, it can help to embrace the dark mood. A UC Berkeley news release reports that researchers at the school are convinced that people who habitually accept their […]

Attitude Fitness

Income and Exercise Habits

Money may not change everything, but it does appear to influence exercise habits, as revealed by research conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Georgia State University. Science Daily reports that when researchers there used accelerometer data to analyze physical activity and sedentary behavior in […]