Eating Well

Morning People Eat Better

Night owls may have an edge when it comes to drinking, but early risers tend to eat more healthful foods. So says a recent study conducted at the¬†National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, where researchers studied the eating and sleeping habits of 1,900 people. ¬†HealthDay reports that the researchers found that the total daily caloric consumption was roughly the same for early and late risers, but night owls consumed 4 percent fewer calories before 10 a.m. each day and they had less energy in the morning. They also found that night owls eat fewer carbohydrates, proteins and fats throughout the day, with the single exception of sugar, which they ate eagerly both in the morning and after 8 pm. In general, the night owls ate more fat and more saturated fatty acids at night than morning people. And that’s during the week. On weekends, the night owls ate even less healthful foods.


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