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Actually No, Juice Is Not Good For You

Guess what? The juice bar is not your friend. It’s a place to get more sugar while believing that your improving your health. The Washington Post reports of the great juice fallacy, and explains that “when you make juice, you leave some of the most wholesome parts of the fruit behind. The skin on an apple, the seeds in raspberries and the membranes that hold orange segments together — they are all good for you. That is where most of the fiber, as well as many of the antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals are hiding. Fiber is good for your gut; it fills you up and slows the absorption of the sugars you eat.” Wait, there’s another reason to stay off the juice. “When you drink your calories instead of eating them, your brain doesn’t get the same “I’m full” signal that it does from solid food, even though you wind up consuming far more calories in the process. Whereas an orange may contain 45 calories, an eight-ounce glass of orange juice contains 110 calories, and a large kale, banana and orange juice blend at a leading juice chain contains 380 calories.” What to do? Eat your fruit, drink your water.

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