One Hour Of Exercise Corrects One Day Of Sitting

Yes, sitting all day is bad for you. And yes, exercise is good for you. So how much exercise to you need to erase the damage of a day of sitting? That’s the question researchers at the imagesNorwegian School of Sport Science set out to answer. HealthDay reports that the researchers reviewed 16 previously published studies that included more than one million people, dividing the participants into four groups: those who got about 5 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day; 25 to 35 minutes a day; 50 to 65 minutes day; and 60 to 75 minutes a day. Here’s what they found: an increased risk of early death ranged from 12 percent to 59 percent, depending on how much exercise the participants got. They also found that people in the most active group, those who got 60 to 75 minutes per day, had no increased risk of mortality, even if they sat for more than eight hours a day. They put the answer to the question “how long do you have to exercise to erase the damage of a day of sitting?” at “one hour, thanks”. The good news? The exercise can be something as easy as brisk walking.

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