Chronic Fatigue: It’s In Your Gut

After years of doubt about whether the condition kimagesnown as chronic fatigue syndrome is really a syndrome, researchers have identified biological markers of the disease in gut bacteria and inflammatory microbial agents in the blood of chronic fatigue sufferers. A Cornell University news release reports that researchers at the school correctly diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome in 83 percent of patients through stool samples and blood work. When researchers sequenced regions of microbial DNA from the stool samples they found that the diversity of types of bacteria was greatly reduced and there were fewer bacterial species known to be anti-inflammatory in chronic fatigue patients compared with healthy people. And while they still don’t know exactly what causes the disease, the researchers are hopeful that it could be treated with prebiotics such as dietary fibers or probiotics.


  1. Hmm.. How about all the “processed Crap” IE: artificial colorizing, flavors, cheap fillers, anti nutritional sugar and worse sugar substitutes, soda, oxidized low fat milk and on and on that our own Gov.allows food manufactures to use to not optimize our health but only to make more profit. 70% of our immune system is in out gut which obviously works in synergy with the rest of our body. If you eat crap your gonna have bad bacteria instead of normal or optimized bacteria one needs in their gut. But since most people don’t think hard enough or concerned about what they put in their mouth, they pay a price. Knowledge is power, you are what you eat.

  2. And this is the honest to God truth, you are what you eat, I dont think theirs much left out there that is really healthy for you, man has taken care of that, I believe that is why cancer is on the rise also, environmental and and our food we are eating. Someones just trying to kill us all off.
    Have a wonderful day and stay healthy, stay away from the big macs my friends

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