Your Weight Depends On the Day Of the Week

imagesHow much do you weigh? Check the calendar. Researchers at Cornell are convinced that our weight fluctuates throughout the week, dropping on weekdays and returning with a vengeance on weekends. What separates the slim from the heavy, they say, isn’t how much more they gain on weekends, it’s how much they lose during the weekdays. The researchers studied 80 people, who weighed themselves before breakfast every morning for periods as short as two weeks and as long as 330 days. A Cornell news release reports that the researchers found a clear pattern in weekly weight fluctuation, with higher weight after weekends (Sunday and Monday) and decreasing weight during the weekdays reaching the lowest point on Friday. They also found that weight losers had stronger compensation pattern (i.e. after weekend the decrease started immediately and continued downward until Friday) whereas weight gainers had more variability between days and no clear decrease during weekdays. Weight losers reached week’s maximum weight in 59 percent of cases on Sunday and Monday and week’s minimum weight in 60 percent of cases on Friday or Saturday.

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