Women On What Makes Sex Good (Or Less Good)

81267117Women agree, at least with other women, on what it is that makes some sex better than other sex. The envelope please…..Love. Also commitment. That “news” comes from researchers at Penn State, where sociologists interviewed 95 heterosexual women between the ages of 20 and 68 for, in case you were wondering, 90 minutes. A Penn State news release reports that the research revealed that “most women” said that love made sex physically more pleasurable. Women who loved their sexual partners also said they felt less inhibited and more willing to explore their sexuality. Wait, there’s more: While 50 women said that love was not necessary for sex, only 18 of the women unequivocally believed that love was unnecessary in a sexual relationship. Older women who were interviewed indicated that this connection between love, sex and marriage remained important throughout their lifetimes, not just in certain eras of their lives.”For the women I interviewed,” said study author said Beth Montemurro, an associate professor of sociology, “they seemed to say you need love in sex and you need sex in marriage.” End of story.


  1. I need the phone numbers of the 18 women mentioned in this study for further research.

  2. someone doesn’t quite understand the point of this article. Not at all.

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