Why Standing Meetings Work Better

Standing meeInformal team talktings, yes, meetings at which everyone stands rather than sits, arrived on the scene a few years ago thanks to concern that sitting meetings were too comfortable, too long, and too unproductive. So, do standing meeting work any better? Researchers at Washington University think they do, in at least in two important ways. A Wash U news release reports that the researchers used wearable sensors to measure activity levels of people who were asked to work together in teams for 30 minutes to develop and record a university recruitment video. The teams worked in rooms that either had chairs arranged around a table or with no chairs at all. After making the videos, research assistants rated how the team worked together and the quality of the videos, while the participants rated how territorial their team members were in the group process. And? The researchers found that the teams who stood had greater physiological arousal and were less territorial about ideas than those in the seated arrangement. Wait, there’s more: This reduced territoriality led to more information sharing and higher quality videos. Read more from Washington University.

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