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What Yoga Doesn’t Do

Writing in the Newimages York Times, Gretchen Reynolds answers the question “Does Yoga Build Strength?”  The short answer is no, but wait, there’s more. Reynolds points us to a 2012 study of premenopausal women who were randomly assigned to twice-weekly 60-minute Ashtanga yoga sessions or to a control group. When, after eight weeks, the overall strength of both groups was evaluated, the yoga group was found to have stronger legs–stronger both than when they started and stronger than the control group. What about other muscle groups? Not so much. OK, not at all. And no, Ashtanga yoga did nothing for cardiovascular fitness.

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  1. A ridiculous outcome.Yoga improves overall health far more than any other endeavor and any yoga if done properly will significantly increase overall body strength.
    This study was very very short in yoga time.
    Try 1 to 3 hours a day for 15 years and find out how strong and healthy you can be.
    Isn’t there enough real and honest news for these folk to report?

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