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Weight Loss Secret: Forget The Car

Finally, a weight loss programimgres that actually saves money: Researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University College London looked at the effectiveness of various weight loss programs based on diet and exercise, measuring their success by the weight difference between people on the program and control groups. What really works? Walking or biking to work. HealthDay reports that the researchers found that body mass index scores for men who drove to work were about one point higher than among those who walked, cycled or used public transit–a difference of about 6.6 pounds. Body mass index scores for women who drove to work were about 0.7 points higher than for those who walked, cycled or used public transit, a 5.5 pound difference. Yes, those differences are greater than those seen in many diet and exercise programs meant to prevent overweight and obesity.

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  1. Kick your sugar(by whatever type or name), high carbohydrate, and high fructose cancer syrup addiction, problem solved.

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