Want To Live Longer? Have A Reason To

Some adimagesvice from researchers at Carleton University for people who would like to live a long life: have a reason to do so. HealthDay reports on the Carleton study, which analyzed data from more than 6,000 people who were asked if they felt they had a purpose in life and about their relations with others. The participants were then followed for 14 years, a period in which about 9 percent of them died. Which nine percent? The researchers found that those who died had reported feeling less purpose in life and having fewer positive relationships than the survivors. Not surprised? The research also revealed that having greater purpose in life was also associated with lower risk of death in younger, middle-aged and older adults. Interesting.  Read an abstract of the study in Psychological Science.

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  1. I can’t die!
    I owe too much money to too many banks.
    They need me!

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