TV Kills (Slowly)

Think about this: while you’re watching TV, the TV is watching you, and waiting. For what? You’ll find out. In the mean time, the American Heart Associationimages would like you to know that adults who watch TV three hours or more a day may double their risk of premature death from any cause. That’s right. Three hours, double the risk. The calculation comes from an analysis of habits and health of 13,284 young and healthy Spanish university graduates (average age 37, 60 percent women), in an effort to find an association between three types of sedentary behaviors and risk of death from all causes: television viewing time, computer time and driving time. After following the participants for a median 8.2 years, the researchers did the math, and concluded that the risk of death was twofold higher for those who reported watching three or more hours of TV a day compared to those watching one or less hours. No, there was no significant association between the time spent using a computer or driving and higher risk of premature death from all causes. Read more from the American Heart Association.

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  1. Maybe the computer ‘sitters’ are smarter and more likely

    to take care of themselves.

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