To Make Big Decisions, It Helps To Stand Tall

Got a big picture decision to make? Stand on a chair.  Why? Because according to researchers at the University of Toronto, how tall you stand influences the way you make decisions. Futurityfeet_desk_1170-770x460 reports that over the course of six studies, –including subjects sitting at different heights, being told they were on different floors of a building, and even doing a word search containing either the word “high” or “low”– the researchers  found that perceived physical height directly affected whether test subjects took a metaphorical “50,000-foot view” or “street level” approach to decisions. How does it work? Hard to say, but Futurity does say that it has to do with a phenomenon known as “mental construal,” which basically refers to “where one’s head is at” when making a decision. A person in a higher-level state of mental construal makes decisions based on questions of “why,” while lower-level mental construal focuses on the immediate logistics of “how.” It’s the difference between “Why do I need a new desk?” and “How am I going to get this thing set up in my office?” Want to read more from Futurity?  Stand on a chair before answering.

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