Eating Well

To Eat Less, Eat Slower

6032Want to eat less? Slow down. Researchers at Texas Christian University asked 70 people -35 normal-weight men and women and 35 overweight or obese men and women- to eat the exact same meals under two conditions for two days.  A “slow” meal was spread over an average of 22 minutes per meal, involving small bites and deliberate chewing without concern for time; and a “fast” meal involved large bites and quick chewing, under the notion that time was of the essence. The average fast-meal time was about nine minutes. What did they find? HealthDay reports that the normal-weight people consumed 88 fewer calories when they ate more slowly. The overweight people, however,  saw only a 58-calorie reduction during the slow-eating session.


  1. I may have to try this i thought it was just because you would get full easier but you consume less calories aswell what a bonus!!

  2. Reading this article made me hungry.
    I had to have a snack before I came back
    to read it.

    I tried to read it slowly, but I got hungry again.

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